Pulane Mabula

My mum welcomed two missionaries into our home and we started learning about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. As I read more and more of the Book of Mormon I felt the spirit influence me of its truthfulness. To me hearing about this gospel came as an answer to my prayers. I have been confused in the previous church I have been a member of and I felt that a lot of answers to my questions are not getting answered. I was tired of living in a world full of fake Christians and hypocrites. I started asking Heavenly Father for a more clear direction and a life style that He wanted for me. As I learned of the Temples and tithing and modesty. I knew that this is what I have been praying for.

Mother had been a member of our previous church all her life, she was dedicated and I was worried but I knew when she agreed to be baptised that this is it, we’ve found our answer.

My mother and I were baptised 26th of June 2011, in a small swimming pool that was placed just outside the class room we used to hold our meetings. It was a cold day and we were both nervous. My mother doesn’t like water and swimming pools but she carried through. In that cold day in the middle of June. (winter in South Africa). Non of us felt the cold water. The Spirit had warmed all of us up. 6 members were baptised that day and we felt really blessed.

3 years later and we still going strong. We have become happier and my mother laughs more and she’s happier than I have ever seen her before. This year for the first time she stood up and shared her testimony. I was humbled.

Living in South Africa were the Youth losses their value and morals everyday, I’m grateful I have the gospel in my life. As I study my scriptures daily I learn more of what my Father in Heaven wants from me. I have been bitter with my father for so many years but I finally forgave him and allowed him to show me how much he cares and that he’s trying to be a better father to me. This gospel has changed my life, my family and most importantly my attitude towards all things around me. We are not living the ideal family life style we want, but we are happier than before. For that I am grateful.

I know that this Gospel is true, I know and believe that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church restored for us. I pray that we can all open our hearts and see what God wants for all of us. #happiness. All it took was a prayer. I did not fit in, I thought perhaps I was too much of a perfectionist. But I knew being a Christian came a lot more than just going to church and praying only when we are in need or having a bible in the house covered in dust. I knew being Christian was more than that, I was hungry and thirsty for the real thing. And now that I have it. I am holding on tight. I love this gospel.

Pulane Mabula
South Africa.